• Precision Machining Services

    Precision Machining Services

    Our well-equipped, climate controlled facility enables us to handle large production runs down to small quantities. Tolerances of +/-0.0005 are achievable, with typical customer requirements ranging from +/-0.001 to +/-0.010. By utilizing EdgeCam and BobCad software, we increase efficiency and part accuracy to ensure your product is manufactured to print or CAD file in accordance with your specifications.

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  • Production Machining

    Production Machining

    Advantech Manufacturing’s full-service machine shop is equipped to deliver high quality, accurate and consistently repeatable high volume production parts – machined, finished, assembled and shipped to you or your customer.

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  • CNC Lathe Machining & Turning

    CNC Lathe Machining & Turning

    Advantech Manufacturing’s CNC turning centers provide our customers with custom capabilities needed for their products by utilizing the latest methods of C-axis milling, live tooling and bar feeding.

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  • CNC Vertical Machining & Milling

    CNC Vertical Machining & Milling

    Advantech Manufacturing’s CNC vertical machining centers provide our customers with custom capabilities needed for their products by utilizing conventional tables, pallet machines and fourth indexing capabilities.

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  • Sawing Services

    Sawing Services

    Advantech Manufacturing’s machine shop is equipped to handle the fabrication of your product using a wide variety of machines and processes. Our sawing station can handle pipe, bars, plates, structural metals and many other raw materials.

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  • Resistance Welding

    Resistance Welding

    By using electrical current, resistance welding bonds two pieces of conductive metal together. Most commonly used in sheet metal applications securing fasteners to a metal surface, resistance welded surfaces are smooth and ready for plating or painting. This value added process allows us to further meet our customers growing needs.

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  • Spot Welding

    Spot Welding

    This form of resistance welding is an ideal process for joining together sheet metal parts which creates a smooth surface, ready for painting or plating. Spot welding “on” our own Sonic Sifter enclosures demonstrates Advantech Manufacturing’s expertise with this process.

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  • Orbital Riveting

    Orbital Riveting

    This versatile method of joining component parts allows products to be assembled for a variety of industries at a low cost. This value added process allows us to further meet our customers growing needs.

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  • Assembly


    No matter how small the detail, Advantech Manufacturing can provide you with quality assembly capabilities. Our years of experience in assembling our own products demonstrates our superior level of proficiency with complex components.

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Who We Are

Our full-service machine shop, located in New Berlin, Wisconsin, serves businesses in the Mid-West, as well as nationwide. We consistently deliver expertly crafted, quality parts-machined, finished, and assembled. As our customers “first to call” and “one-stop” vendor. Advantech Manufacturing’s single-source approach sets us apart from our competitors.

Utilizing state-of-the-art CNC machines coupled with assembly, welding, riveting, plasma cutting, buffing, packaging, and shipping allows us to handle the complete manufacturing of your product. By providing these value-added services, we save you time, money and a level of quality control you just can’t get when you outsource with multiple vendors.

What can we do for you?

    • Quality Control trom Start to Finish
    • Quick Price Quotes
    • Fast Turnaround Times
    • Close tolerance of custom and production run machined parts
    • Professional “Red Carpet Treatment” Customer Service
    • Turnkey Solutions (flexibility of manufacturing, assemblies, drop shipping, etc.)
    • Small to Large Quantities